Although not all wasps sting, many species do. They are capable of inflicting multiple stings to a victim, which at the very least are painful, irritating and for some people, allergic reactions can be very severe.

There are many different species of wasps in the United Kingdom, ranging from the black and yellow common wasp to the larger black and yellow hornet.

Wasps are found throughout the UK. They create comb nests which they hang outdoor from twigs and branches of trees and shrubs, porch ceilings, the tops of window and door frames, or inside on eaves, attic rafters, deck floor joists and railings.

Wasps are social insects but live in relatively small colonies. They eat nectar and other insects including caterpillars and flies.

Wasps will sting if they are disturbed or feel their nest is being threatened but are not aggressive by nature. Their sting is quite painful and those with allergies to them may suffer severely.

Stinging insects, such as wasps, are one of the most dangerous for non-professionals to handle. If wasps, or other stinging insects, invade your home, call Advantage Pest Control immediately.

If you think you have an infestation of wasps, contact us now so that we can attend your home or workplace, identify the wasps or hornets concerned and eradicate the problem.