Birds, particularly the pigeon in urban areas, are a major problem as the dust from their dropping can be inhaled and can cause a flu-like illness in people and bird fleas and mites can lead to further problems for humans.

Birds and bats heavily populate the area of Sutton Coldfield and will nest in lofts, walls, soffits, and vents of buildings but also can cause problems away from their nests, in particular around areas where food waste is exposed on a regular basis.

While many may think that it’s pigeons that cause the most problems in and around buildings, sparrows and starlings are actually worse, and more common, birds to have around a building. This is because while pigeons are merely messy, they tend to congregate outside of buildings and perch in high areas, while both sparrows and starlings like to come indoors to build their nests.

This can cause a lot of noise and mess for those in the buildings, but even bigger dangers include fire hazards when these pest birds decide to nest in vents and drain pipes, which then causes them to clog.

Sparrows and starlings also have a lot of uric acid in their droppings, which can cause a lot of structural damage to the building.

The most common cause of bird infestations in both domestic and commercial buildings is failure to restrict direct and indirect feeding of these animals. Loss of habitat plays an important roll in conflicts however is second to intentional feeding of wildlife and part of the work of Advantage Pest Control involves making the environment inhospitable to birds. Trained and accredited pest controllers should awlays handle such problems as many bats and birds are protected by law.

If you have a problem with birds, contact us now so that we can provide a free survey of your home or workplace, identify the birds concerned and eradicate the problem.